How to Get Photos or Videos Approved by Shutterstock Contributors - Very Easy

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    Shutterstock, is a website that has many photos and videos, and can be downloaded by anyone.

  • Is it that easy to download photos and videos from Shutterstock?
  • lots of questions that I often find,
  • is shutterstock free?
  • is there a free shutterstock coupon code?
  • are shutterstock images free?
  • shutterstock for free?

    And many more, Shutterstock brings together buyers and image or video makers, where image makers and video creators get money from downloads made by buyers.

    Very good right? artists can get royalties from their hard work. Content creators on Shutterstock are usually called Shutterstock Contributors.

    Lots of photos and videos on Shutterstock to meet your work needs, and all of them are instant. it only takes a few dollars to download photos and videos on the website of the Shutterstock contributors.

okay, let's just go to the topic of discussion.

Here I will discuss my experience as a shutterstock contributor, it was a tough challenge when I first got to know shutterstock. Even though I have experience as an image editor, my images are always rejected by Shutterstock, even from the many images all of them are not approved.

    I've tried to learn by watching video tutorials on YouTube, but it's not enough. only a few of my photos are approved by Shutterstock.

finally I solved the problem myself why my photos were always rejected.

i am at shutterstock playing image design not photography.

Previously I tried this method myself and it worked, all of my pictures are approved.

can be seen in the image below,

and the following is a simple way that I do,

1. Avoid uploading multiple images at the same time, if you do that try to differentiate the title, description and keywords. because if they are all the same, it is possible that only one image will be accepted.

2. Enter all the suggested keywords provided by the shutterstock.

3. Add your own keywords that match the image.

4. The description must be complete.

5. Use homemade or original images.

6. Do not upload images with a different theme.

7. Consistently upload photos every day.

okay, hopefully it's useful for those of you who have just joined Shutterstock contributors.

    for those who haven't joined, please click the link below, start being a Shutterstock contributor and make lots of money.

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