Homejob icu real or scam real or scam

First of all homejob icu is a scam website.

Number 1: no founder

There is no founder of this website and if you don't know who is the real founder of this website? Then why you will trust? Because if you face a problem then there is no way you can connect with them or discuss your problem and if the founder is missing? This means this website is not trustworthy at all.

Number 2:  you cannot expect to earn at least $1 from this fake website.

After doing hard work you cannot expect to earn at least $1 every day this website is only making beginner fool who wants lazy money but after doing hard work if you don't get paid? Then why you are wasting your valuable time?

Number 3: do not share the referral link.

Homejob.Icu will show you some plants that if you share a link then you can earn more money fast but this is a waste of time they will never pay you.

Number 4: no social profile

Homejob.Icu doesn't have any facebook page any youtube channel so that you can follow them to learn more future updates.

Number 5: you don't know who is the owner of this site

I don't find any real photos of homejob.Icu team members and owner of this website

That's why this website is not trustworthy to me and you cannot expect to make $100 every single month working on this website

Number 6: no career

Number 7: using multiple websites to making people fool.

They have more multiple websites and all of this website is looking same to same they just change their domain name and all of this website is claiming that pay you money but is totally fake they are not paying to anyone they just make this duplicate website to make people fool so that people share their link and don't get anything in return all of their plants are fake so you should avoid all of this fake website

So based on my research this website is a scam. is it legit review scam


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Homejob icu fake