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youtube channels for sale 2019

here I will sell my youtube channel, I will sell it because I don't know how to develop my next channel. because my channel is being monetized. and in further review. I already got a lot of money from my channel before. if interested, you can send an email to me at,
payment via paypal
here is an overview of my youtube channel. can also be opened here

My channel was suddenly disrupted after getting an email containing something like this

Your channel is no longer eligible for monetization. Learn how to reapply

Hello Puzut Channel, When conducting a recent review, our team of policy staff examined the videos that you have uploaded to the Puzut Channel channel. We found that most of the channel content did not comply with the YouTube Partner Program policies. Starting today, your channel is not eligible to be monetized and you cannot access the monetization feature. Open the monetization page to read more about certain policies marked by our staff. We know that this is unpleasant news, and sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. We are responsible for ensuring our community is safe for creators, viewers and advertisers. At the same time, we understand that you might make an accident by mistake. That is why you can reapply for the YouTube Partner Program within 30 days. During this 30 day period, you can make changes to the channel to ensure that the channel complies with our policies. This means for your channel You will continue to be able to access most of the creator features on YouTube that you can use to increase the number of viewers, build communities, and manage videos. You can: Upload, edit or delete videos Read, answer, or moderate comments Analyze channel performance on YouTube Analytics Obtain best practices and strategic advice from the Kreator Academy Connect to other Creators on the YouTube Help Forum There are no changes to the way your videos are promoted in our search system and recommendations. How to monetize again To reapply for monetization, you should start by opening the monetization page to review the policies that your channel has violated. Then, review your video based on YouTube Partner Program policies and our Community Guidelines. The next step is to edit or delete videos that violate our policies. Within 30 days, you will see an option to reapply on the monetization page. If a re-application is submitted, our review team will carefully review your content to ensure that the content meets the YouTube Partner Program policies. We will send notifications via email and inform you of the latest info on YouTube Studio as soon as the process is complete. This process usually takes about one month. Please note that as explained in the Partnership Program Requirements, YouTube's Terms of Service continue to apply to your use of YouTube services even if your Partnership Program Terms are terminated. - YouTube team

Price :  $2000 (via paypal)
email :

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